Best Online learning platforms. Technology plays important role in creating a modern education system.

In Ancient times the Education system was not having such great facilities as nowadays. there used to very old traditional methods used to teach lessons like there used to be a blackboard, to write and some schools don’t even have a proper chair or bench, students used to sit on the ground and rooms were not having fans, and at some places, schools don’t even have a proper classroom, so they used to teach students in the open ground.

as compared to the olden days a lot of things have changed in the Education sector like syllabus, teaching methods etc. Because as we know education plays an important role in molding the future of youth and our society, so it becomes very much necessary to put the right seed at the beginning of the child.

that’s the reason from the starting of the child education they are taught things like discipline, punctuality, how to greet and respect elders and our surrounding people, politeness, and then comes to the real world book knowledge.

Some educational society has upgraded there teaching methods by including a practical way of giving knowledge because practical or video or live things make long-lasting impacts on our brain as compared to something read theoretically.

say, for example, teachers try to teach students by a small act of demo play which helps students increase there visualization and increase creativity, they include some practical objects which give a clear picture of what is written in theory looks in the real world.

The education syllabus includes all sort of things so that students can get complete knowledge about everything like history, geography, science, calculation, biology, it also includes the theory of how life is evolved.

During recent years, a lot of things has changed in the education sector, they got updated teachers and schools have started using online teaching software, so it becomes for students to keep the flow of learning from home. In online learning software, it includes different courses that teachers according to their available time slots like regular classroom studies. it also has the facility of a video camera so that both students and teachers can see each other like they are sitting in the classroom.

The benefit of the online education system:

the cost of infrastructure is saved, teachers can select at what time they are available to teach and from which place they want as per their comfort, and students can select courses which they like to learn and also record the entire course to download it to watch later.

In some teaching software and application, there is an option with a real-time practical example which helps students to check or test their skills and improve it.

Like if nowadays so many students and even working professionals are learning several software online on different mobile apps.

there are online tutorials available with per day courses and monthly basis duration with practical project examples and later they also provide a certificate for that which helps professionals in their career.

With some research, I have found some online apps to learn certain software and technologies :

  • W3Schools
  • Udemy
  • Youtube
  • Byju’s Classes – It is an online class for learning maths & science. It started recently only.
  • Khan Academy
  • Skillshare

But I find youtube is best for learning anything you like because they are in the form of video with a practical example, but on Youtube, we have to search because there we have to do self-learning by watching videos. Youtube has around 2 million user’s and also recently teachers have started using online communication software to teach to students. In online learning education, most of the time and energy are saved in traveling from one place to another place.

Some of the online learning platforms for students are:

  • Slader
  • School solver
  • Course Hero


W3Schools is a software learning platform, mostly working professionals used to learn different software or technologies through this website, after each tutorial, there is a practical example with a small test question so that we can test our knowledge and then move on to the next chapter of the tutorial.

After completing the entire course tutorial they also conduct an online exam to test your skills and what you have learned online and after successfully passing the exam they also provide a software learning certificate that is valid in job career.


Udemy is an online paid and free learning platform, in this website user can find different categories of courses like Software Development, Business, Finance & Accounting, Personal Development, Design, Photography, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Teaching & Academics, Music. and also users can find two sections in this, in which one is free courses list with limited features and paid courses with access to all features.

In Software Development, users can learn different technologies like web development, Open source, Mobile application technologies & tools, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, eCommerce technologies, so here users can get all syllabus in a structured way with daily reading and video learning materials to revise it for later use. there is also a teacher section so that users can select the right teachers they want.

Khan Academy

It is a free online education platform for learning various different courses like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Algebra, Geometry, World History, Science, and going further in detail, they also have a structured wise syllabus for different class 1 to class 10th and it’s completely free, with practical examples. It also has video lessons that users can download and watch it later.


Skillshare is also an online learning education website which has different courses but it’s not free, although users can get a free trial to go through all the features, As I can see it has a video tutorial for each course with practical teaching method just like you are sitting in a classroom. some of the courses they have on there website are web development, Animation, Graphic Design, Music, Management, Photography, etc.

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